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If you’re interested in boxing, kickboxing, or Jiu Jitsu training – or all of the above – make West Side Martial Arts & Boxing your gym of choice. 


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Our philosophy is community centric. We believe in guiding our youth, while also believing that our training programs are well suited to help keep our children and members off the streets and safe. 

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Meet Our Experts

Juan Hooks

Hooks’ training philosophy is driven with a no give up attitude. Juan is a high school state champion wrestler. He has been a personal trainer for over 10 years. His students have gone all the way to the UFC. Juan is a multi-medal winning grappling specialist.

Gerald James

James is a two time golden glove champion and has been training champions for fifty years. Gerald comes from a family of champions, fighting is in his blood.

BJ Ingram

Ingram’s training philosophy is to aid the client to determine their fitness goals. BJ has eight years of experience as a personal trainer and seven years as a fighter trainer. BJ compete ion mixed martial arts for four years including fighting in California.

Ruffin Tchakounte

Ruffin Tchakounte is a three time division champion in wrestling at the University of Iowa. He teaches youth wrestling and also practices medicine in the state of Iowa. 

Charles Heller

Heller is a two-stripe brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As an accomplished Jiu Jitsu champion, his training philosophy is centered around his clients being grounded in each level as they learn and advance.